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Sean McNamara

Guided Meditation Journeys with Sean McNamara

Develop self-awareness, peace, stillness, and energy with Sean McNamara's guided meditation practices. Includes important guidance, advice, and tips for becoming a mature meditation practitioner. Non-dogmatic, non-religious, accessible to all people.

Sean McNamara

Telekinesis Training with Mind Possible's Sean McNamara

Mind-over-matter, aka Telekinesis, is real. Learn how to use your body's energy field and your subconscious mind to influence objects from a distance. Designed and taught by the author of "Defy Your Limits: The Telekinesis Training Method".

Sean McNamara

Lucid Dreaming and Out-of-Body Experience Training with Sean McNamara

Learn new and traditional methods to initiate and explore Lucid Dreaming and the Out-of-Body Experience (Astral Travel). Contains video lectures, guided techniques, and downloadable guided practices to help you explore new states of being.

Sean McNamara

Remote Viewing/Clairvoyance Targets

Free remote viewing/clairvoyance target pool from Sean McNamara. Unique in its use of video instead of photos. Some of the targets are also great for map dowsing.


TRIPLE Bundle - Meditation, Telekinesis, Lucid Dreaming & OBE

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Complete Telekinesis Training PLUS Guided Meditation Journeys

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